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Unincorporated ACT, 177 Rokeby Rd, Red Hill, ACT 2603
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Red Hill is a suburb of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

Red Hill is a suburb of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. The suburb is named after the northernmost hill of the ridge to the west of the suburb. The ridge is a reserve and managed as part of the Canberra Nature Park.The hill is an element of the central Canberra design axis.


The name 'Red Hill' was gazetted as a suburb name in 1928. This was the name associated with the hill since the days of the early settlers and probably suggested by the red soil in the area. Streets are named after ships and explorers. Mugga Way is named after an Aboriginal word also associated with the locality since the days of the early settlers.

The hill was once part of the Narrabundah lease held by Charles Russell.He grazed sheep but as the suburb became built up, local pet dogs worried them and killed them.He changed to cattle and finally gave up the lease in 1992.

The Red Hill Precinct or "Old Red Hill" is bounded by Mugga Way, Moresby Street, Arthur Circle, Monaro Crescent and Flinders Way.The major streets of this area were included in an outline plan for the early development of Canberra prepared by Walter Burley Griffin in 1918. Its streetscape and landscape character reflect 1920s garden city planning. It is listed by the ACT Heritage Council.Residential land in the suburb of Red Hill was offered for sale in the first Canberra land auction conducted on 12 December 1924. By 1929, 22 houses had been built and by 1955 there were 64 houses.

Other sites in Red Hill listed by the ACT Heritage Council are:

Calthorpes' House.

The Royal Australian Institute of Architects Headquarters, 2a Mugga Way, which was designed by Bryce Mortlock of the Sydney firm, Ancher, Mortlock and Woolley in 1967.

The Canberra Grammar School, which was built between 1929 and 1939 in the Inter-war Gothic style.

145 Mugga Way. According to the ACT Heritage Council, the house is considered to be an "excellent example of the late twentieth century Sydney Regional style of architecture by Allen Jack+Cottier (Russell Jack) who are considered to be key practitioners in the style."

Red Hill Camp. A Ngunnawal campsite from the 1940s at the intersection of Flinders Way, Durville Crescent and Hayes Crescent.

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Type: Suburbs

Population: 1,001 - 10,000

Time zone: UTC +11:00

Area: 4.861 km2

Elevation: 501 to 1000 metres

Town elevation: 637 m

Population number: 3,170

Local Government Area: Unincorporated ACT


Unincorporated ACT, 177 Rokeby Rd, Red Hill, ACT 2603

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