Barwon Park

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1051 Inverleigh Winchelsea Road, Winchelsea, VIC 3241
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Thomas Austin, born in England, made the journey to Australia in 1831 and settled in the Western District of Victoria in 1837.

On the land he acquired near Winchelsea, measuring 12,000 hectares, he focused on raising sheep and training horses, and named it Barwon Park. As a member of the Acclimatisation Society of Victoria, Austin transported hares, blackbirds, and partridges from England. In 1859, he added 24 rabbits to the colony, thinking they would make an ideal game for his shooting parties. Unfortunately, Austin's rabbits caused a great deal of damage to the Australian environment, and are now seen as a serious pest.


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1051 Inverleigh Winchelsea Road, Winchelsea, VIC 3241

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