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Misty Cove Wine Group Limited: A Taste of Unique Environmental Elements in New Zealand's Marlborough Region Misty Cove Wine Group Limited is a premier wine company based in Marlborough, New Zealand.

Established by Andrew Bailey, who spent his summers growing up in Marlborough and has fostered a passion for the Misty Coves of the Marlborough sounds, the company produces wines that draw from the unique environmental elements that New Zealand wine regions have to offer. Opposed to the usual talk around tasting notes, Misty Cove focuses primarily on producing wines that are value-for-money with distinctive pure, wonderful fruit flavours.

Wine Tasting: Enjoy Body, Character, and Charm

Misty Cove Estate Sauvignon Blanc is a hallmark of the company's philosophy, and with good reason. The company fuses old-world winemaking values and techniques with modern technology, with the end result being wines that have incredible body, character, and charm. The wines, especially the Sauvignon Blanc are a must-try, and they make for an excellent stop when you're exploring the Marlborough region. Do not miss out on the opportunity to sample from the excellent range of wines offered by Misty Cove.

Exclusive Cellar Door Accommodation: A Private Retreat Away from it All

Misty Cove Wine Group Limited offers more than just quality wines. The company also boasts cellar door accommodation located in the heart of the Marlborough wine country, away from it all, while still being close to all the good stuff. Visitors to the region can't go wrong booking a stay at Misty Cove. The accommodation comes complete with a private pool, garden, barbecue facilities, free WIFI, and free private parking.

Exclusive use of the Venue: The Misty Cove Cellar Door

The Misty Cove Cellar Door is a self-contained apartment that offers exclusive use of the venue. Inside, guests are greeted by a comforting and welcoming atmosphere that's perfect for hosting family and friends. The apartment is well appointed with a spacious living area, modern kitchen and dining area, two well-furnished bedrooms and a comfortable bathroom.

Best Time to Visit Misty Cove Wine Group Limited

The best time to visit the Misty Cove Wine Group Limited is during the warmer months between October and April when the wineries of the region are in full swing. The vineyards are lush and full, and the weather is warm and comfortable for touring the region.

How to Get to Misty Cove Wine Group Limited

Misty Cove Wine Group Limited is located in Marlborough, which is easily accessible via car or public transport. Visitors coming from outside the area can fly into Marlborough Airport or travel by shuttle bus from the nearby cities of Christchurch and Nelson. From Marlborough, tourists can rent a car, book guided tours or even use public transport to explore the region.

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Wine Region: Marlborough

Facilities: Cellar Door

Wine Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Established: 2008


74 Fareham Ln, Renwick SI

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