Cobourg events

Cobourg, Northern Territory, is a destination that offers a range of arts and cultural experiences for visitors. One notable attraction is the Black Point Culture Centre, located at the Black Point Ranger Station within the Garig Ganuk Barlu National Park. Here, visitors can explore and learn about the local indigenous culture and art.

In addition to the Black Point Culture Centre, the area is known for its spectacular Aboriginal rock art sites, such as the Injalak Hill rock art sites. Visitors can join guided tours, led by experienced Aboriginal guides, to explore these ancient rock art galleries and gain insight into the meaning behind the art.

The Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, where the Black Point Culture Centre is located, is a remote and rugged area fringed with magnificent white beaches on the Cobourg Peninsula. This natural beauty provides a stunning backdrop for the arts and cultural experiences available in the area.

For travelers interested in exploring the arts and cultural heritage of the region, Cobourg and the surrounding area offer a unique opportunity to engage with the rich and ancient traditions of the Aboriginal people in a spectacular natural setting.