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The Darwin region in the Northern Territory boasts a diverse array of art galleries, showcasing various art forms from contemporary to Indigenous art. Tactile Arts Studios and Gallery features local artists working with different mediums, including ceramics. Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery and Mason Gallery Aboriginal Art focus on authentic Indigenous art, such as paintings, carvings, and weavings from central Australia and the Top End. The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) exhibits the region's finest art, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pieces. Nomad Art specializes in limited edition prints and cross-cultural works on paper, featuring artists from around the world.

The Northern Centre for Contemporary Art in Parap presents unique and thought-provoking contemporary art, including paintings and photographs. Galleries like Paul Arnold Gallery, Paul Johnstone Gallery, Mbantua Gallery, Sister7 Gallery, and Songlines in and around Darwin City offer diverse artistic styles and mediums. Mason Art Gallery showcases Aboriginal art expressions from the Northern Territory, allowing visitors to bring home a piece of the world's oldest living culture. The Darwin Entertainment Centre, primarily a performance venue, also hosts art exhibitions in the heart of the city.

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