Darwin City distilleries

Darwin City, in the Northern Territory, is a hub for exploring independent breweries and distilleries that produce unique beverages using local ingredients. Two standout distilleries in the area are Willing Distillery and Darwin Distilling Co.

Willing Distillery, located in Winnellie, specializes in traditional distillation methods infused with native Australian flavors, focusing mainly on gin production while planning to expand into vodka and whiskey. They offer signature cocktails like the Bush Negroni and Tropicale that highlight regional ingredients such as mango shrub and kakadu plum. Visitors can enjoy distillery tours, gin tastings, and relax at the bar with a distinctive Territorian drink.

Another notable spot is Darwin Distilling Co., founded by botanical enthusiast Rebecca Bullen in 2020. Situated in downtown Darwin, this distillery emphasizes using locally sourced botanicals to craft uniquely Territorian spirits, including their popular Darwin Signature Gin, Salty Plum, Tropical Monsoon, and Lady of The North Navy Strength Gin. The establishment also hosts workshops where patrons can blend their own gin, offering hands-on experiences and insights into the distillation process.

These establishments not only provide a chance for visitors to savor locally made beverages but also play a role in preserving and promoting the region's cultural heritage by using native ingredients and traditional techniques in their offerings.