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Perth and its surroundings in Western Australia offer a vibrant distillery scene, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and innovative techniques in crafting top-notch spirits. Whipper Snapper Distillery and Republic of Fremantle are must-visit establishments known for their unique whiskies with a soft, complex, and nearly creamy texture, complemented by a subtle sweetness that balances any potential harshness. Visitors can enjoy engaging distillery tours at these locations, housed in warehouse headquarters with comfortable bars.

Republic of Fremantle in Fremantle's historic West End stands out with its beautifully designed interior, focusing on artisan gins and vodkas. This establishment combines style and substance, attracting a diverse crowd ranging from the fashionable to the creative types who frequent Fremantle's streets. Known for serving some of the best cocktails in town, it offers a unique experience for visitors seeking quality spirits and a stylish atmosphere.

Running with Thieves is another highlight in the area, celebrated for its curated selection of gins and vodkas. Their 002 Trial Batch Series London Dry Gin is particularly notable, featuring fragrant juniper balanced by bright citrus and a pink peppercorn finish. Additionally, Wandering Distillery in O'Connor offers an industrial charm and craftsmanship blend, with their Signature Gin being a standout choice for gin enthusiasts. These distilleries collectively showcase the region's spirit diversity and quality, providing unforgettable experiences and tastes of Perth and its surrounds to visitors.

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