Greater Sydney distilleries

Distilleries in Greater Sydney have been on the rise, showcasing a blend of traditional methods and innovative techniques in crafting high-quality spirits using local ingredients and modern technology. One prominent example is Archie Rose Distillery, the first independent distillery in Sydney since 1853, offering a range of acclaimed products like gins, vodkas, rums, and white whiskies, coupled with guided tastings, tours, and blending classes. In Surry Hills, Brix Distillers stands out for its operational distillery and ageing facility, boasting a diverse collection of rums from around the world.

For gin aficionados, Marrickville's Poor Toms Gin Hall presents distinctive offerings such as their original Sydney Dry Gin, Fool Strength gin, and Strawberry Gin. Meanwhile, Manly Spirits Co. in the coastal suburb of Manly combines a relaxed ambiance with Australian gins, botanical vodkas, and whiskies inspired by the marine environment. Visitors can enjoy tours, as well as cocktail making masterclasses at these locations.

These distilleries not only offer exceptional drinking experiences but also serve as educational hubs, providing insights into the history and craft of spirit production. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, each distillery contributes uniquely to Greater Sydney's culinary landscape, making them essential stops for travelers seeking a taste of the region's vibrant spirits scene.

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