Gregory attractions

Gregory, Northern Territory, is a destination that offers a range of attractions for adventurous travelers. Divided into two sections, the park provides spectacular scenery, diverse wildlife, and significant cultural sites, such as indigenous rock art and the famous Gregory Tree, which holds sacred meaning for the Aboriginal people.

The western section of the park is home to the historic Gregory Tree, a large boab tree with carvings from Augustus Gregory's 1885 North Australian expedition. It also features Bullita Homestead, where visitors can explore a historic display. With its rugged and isolated nature, the park provides an ideal destination for those seeking a wilderness experience away from the crowds.

Apart from the national park, visitors to Gregory can also explore the surrounding area, which is characterized by its vast, dry, and hilly landscape. The nearby Victoria River offers stunning views and opportunities to observe the region's abundant wildlife, including barramundi and saltwater crocodiles.