Katherine tours

Katherine, located in the Northern Territory, offers a variety of tours and experiences for visitors. The most popular attraction in the area is Nitmiluk National Park, home to the stunning Nitmiluk Gorge. Some of the highlights and activities in the park include canoeing, where visitors can explore the maze of waterways surrounded by sheer rock walls over 70 meters high. Hiking is another popular activity, with various trails catering to different fitness levels, providing an opportunity to immerse in the natural beauty of the region.

For a unique perspective of the landscape, visitors can opt for helicopter tours with Nitmiluk Helicopters, offering exclusive landing rights in various locations throughout the park. Cultural experiences are also available, such as learning about Aboriginal culture at Top Didj Cultural Experience & Art Gallery, where visitors can listen to stories and participate in traditional activities. Mimi Aboriginal Arts & Craft, an art cooperative, offers a glimpse into Aboriginal art styles and techniques sourced from the desert.

To delve into the region's history, visitors can explore the Katherine Museum, which showcases local stories including that of the first 'flying doctor,' Dr. Clyde Fenton. For an adventurous experience, the Katherine Outback Experience Horse Riding Tours allow visitors to explore Katherine Gorge and its surroundings on horseback. Additionally, Katherine serves as a great starting point for self-drive tours, given its proximity to both Darwin and Kakadu National Park.