Mataranka attractions

Mataranka, a small pastoral town in the Northern Territory, is renowned for its sandy-bottomed thermal pool, making it a popular stop for tourists. The town gained fame through the novel "We of the Never Never" and offers various attractions for visitors. One of the main highlights is the Mataranka Hot Springs, known for its natural beauty and the opportunity to relax in the warm, crystal-clear waters.

Tourists can also explore the Stockyard Gallery, which features local Aboriginal art, and visit the Never Never Museum to learn about the region's history. For those interested in outdoor activities, Elsey National Park, located nearby, offers camping, fishing, and walking opportunities. The area's rich history is also showcased at Elsey Station Homestead and the Military Transport Museum, providing insights into the region's past, including its significance during World War II.

If you're a nature enthusiast, the Mataranka Hot Springs in Elsey National Park is a must-visit. Here, you can immerse yourself in the warm, clear waters and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. For a cultural experience, the Stockyard Gallery exhibits local Aboriginal art, while the Never Never Museum provides insights into the area's history. Additionally, outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and walking are available in Elsey National Park, offering a diverse range of experiences for visitors.