Tiwi Islands Region art galleries and exhibitions

Tiwi Island, located in the Timor Sea 100km north of Darwin, is home to the Tiwi people and boasts a rich artistic culture. The islands are known for their unique and vibrant art, which is deeply embedded in the cultural and ceremonial practices of the Tiwi people. There are three key art centers in the Tiwi Islands: Tiwi Designs, Jilamara Arts, and Munupi Arts and Crafts. Tiwi Designs, located in the community of Wurrumiyanga on Bathurst Island, is one of the oldest and most artistically diverse art centers in Australia. Their artists produce a diverse array of art, including ochre paintings on bark, ironwood carvings, ceramics, limited edition prints, and screen printed fabrics.

Jilamara Arts is a cultural hub for the Milikapiti community on Melville Island. The artists are renowned for their unique, traditional Tiwi artistic style. Munupi Arts and Crafts is another art center on Melville Island that contributes to the Tiwi Islands' artistic landscape. Art tours of the Tiwi Islands' art centers provide visitors with the opportunity to see unique artwork and meet and purchase work directly from the artists. Additionally, art fairs and auctions, such as the Darwin Art Fair and the Tiwi Island Football Grand Final and Art Sale, offer further opportunities to see and purchase art from the Tiwi Islands. The Tiwi Islands art galleries are a must-visit for travelers looking to experience the rich cultural heritage and unique artistic styles of the Tiwi people.