Directories + Listings Types

The Localista Database contains four directories and multiple listing-types (or guides) within each directory. The table below outlines what content belongs in each guide.


Travel & Lifestyle Directory

Lifestyle & travel guides for users looking for what’s on, things to do and places to go.

Local Directory

A guide for users looking for facilities and services in their local community.

Functions & Venues

Homes & Design

Style Guide

After viewing your images and video, Users will scan your Teaser Text. If they like what they see, there is a good chance, they will click on your listing. The guidelines below are similar to what we provide the Content Team.


Teaser Text

You need to convey to the User why they should choose you from amongst multiple options on the same page. The objective is to attract the customer most suitable for your business.



  • Maximum 200 characters, including spaces
  • Avoid repeating the name of your business
  • Try to make the teaser one sentence, not two
  • Focus on the points of difference, not what the user likely already knows
  • Focus on key selling points; include only features likely to impact on decision-making



  • Nestled in a curve of the Swan River, husband & wife team Greg and Lucy create small batches of premium wine to be tasted at cellar door or picnic tables while enjoying the ambience of the valley.
  • Settled on the banks of the Swan in the 1840s, Mandoon is an iconic destination for the region with a cellar door, fine dining restaurant, outdoor deli, microbrewery, gallery and kids play area.


Description Text

The aim is to give the interested reader a short, pithy overview of your event or business, including what to expect, and interesting information that might increase their chance of booking, buying, or visiting.


Style Guidelines

  • Maximum 500 words
  • Don’t repeat the teaser text
  • Include the most important content at the top
  • The first paragraph is an extension of the Teaser and overview of key selling points

Writing Style Guide

  • Write in the 3rd person as it adds credibility as a guide e.g. no I or We or Us.
  • Run a Spelling & Grammar Check. It isn’t always right, but it does help. Also run past a few different people for feedback and review.
  • Before writing content, get a clear idea of what you want to convey, create a clear structure with key points, and then fill in the blanks and worry about style later.
  • Don’t copy and paste from your website or Google will see this as duplicate content and potentially negatively impact both sites.
  • Less is more. Keep it short and pithy. Too much faff hides good content. Try to constantly reduce the number of words and sentenced used to convey a message.
  • Third party recognition adds credibility, including awards, James Halliday ratings etc.
  • Avoid salesy / PR speak such as: “you will love it”; “something for everyone”.
  • Avoid brag statements that can be substantiated and don’t add value: e.g. “our professional staff will look after all your needs”; “we love wine and everything about wine’.
  • Avoid starting each sentence with the name of the business. It gets repetitive. Start with the key points e.g. “Nestled in the heart of the valley the cellar door…”.
  • Unless extraordinary, avoid mentioning awards that are too old as it indicates you haven’t won anything since and things have gone downhill – better to mention nothing at all.
  • Interesting history and personal perspective can add value, but don’t include if it doesn’t.