Bathroom Products by WA Bathrooms

Bathroom Products by WA Bathrooms

Last Updated: 03 Jun 2015
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Completing more than 400 projects each year, WA Bathrooms is ready to create your dream bathroom or laundry.

Have you ever enjoyed a relaxing bath in a hotel and thought to yourself, 'If only every day could be like this'?

Many will have experienced bathroom-envy when visiting luxurious hotels and restaurants, feeling their dreary bathrooms at home couldn't ever be as spectacular.

Specialising in five-star-hotel bathroom renovations in Perth homes, WA Bathrooms can turn any existing bathroom into a fresh and exciting new space. The family-owned business is led by a husband-and-wife team who strive to delight clients with excellence in both design and build quality.

Their story began more than 25 years ago, when a young man learned the timeless art of tiling from his father, using his skills to craft contemporary, unique bathrooms to the highest standards. Also sharing a love of bathrooms was his wife, who had extensive experience working for the best five-star hotels in Europe in the design and sales industry. Together they established WA Bathrooms, and today continue their mission to provide exceptional bathroom design, exquisite finishes and friendly, personalised service.

To find out more, visit the stunning WA Bathrooms showroom for a free bathroom design consultation, or head to their website to download the free '14 steps report to a five-star hotel-style bathroom'.


WA Bathrooms
3/18 Main Street, Osborne Park
Phone (08) 9444 4537

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