Building by Right Homes

Building by Right Homes

Last Updated: 29 Oct 2014
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Right Homes delivers multi award-winning sustainable and energy-efficient homes that are stylish, beautiful and budget-conscious.


Medium-density building projects are becoming more popular for investors as the demand for affordable housing continues to rise.

The clients' vision was to create sustainable, well-priced homes using different construction methods and eco-friendly building materials. Right Homes, Solar Dwellings and The Green Swing (the clients) worked to create two separate townhouses and two apartments on the 837sqm block.

Comprising three buildings in total, each was constructed using different materials such as reverse brick veneer, strawbale, and double brick, with the aim of being carbon neutral. The brief included solar-passive design principles, shared rainwater and grey-water systems, and a community garden built over a sump drain. Each property has very impressive energy ratings, ranging from eight stars to ten (given to a building that requires no artificial heating or cooling).

The designs for all the homes featured simple kitchens, wide door frames, and ground-floor wet areas which would suit the requirements of future owners who may be disabled or elderly. Heating and cooling of the homes is achieved through natural insulation, breeze paths implemented in the floor plans, and ceiling fans where required.

Right Homes was extremely successful at the 2014 HIA Greensmart Awards, this Lathlain project alone winning four prestigious gongs including the Greensmart Home of the Year, Townhouse/Villa Development and more. It was also the winner of the 2014 MBA Housing Excellence Awards' Best Customer Service (small to medium builder), and Excellence in Energy Efficiency, and was a finalist for other sustainability-related awards.


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