Exploring the 5 best Halal Cafés for an Unforgettable Culinary Journey

Exploring the 5 best Halal Cafés for an Unforgettable Culinary Journey

Last Updated: 01 May 2024
Khadeeja Osmani

Searching for the ultimate spot to dine in with your mates, satisfy those cravings with a quick takeaway or indulge in some seriously sinful baked goods? Look no further because we have uncovered Perth halal dining scene. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and treat yourself to a feast of flavours that will have you coming back for more. Specially curated, below is the list of 6 top halal cafes.

1. Butter Crumbs

Mount Lawley

From a humble market stall to a beloved pop-up in Inglewood, Butter Crumbs has blossomed into a fan-favourite among Perth’s most discerning foodies. Chefs Zie and Bea, driven by their passion for crafting culinary masterpieces, have elevated Butter Crumbs to new heights. Nestled in the heart of Mt Lawley and despite not being halal certified, it caters effectively to Muslim communities in Perth thanks to the partnership between a Muslim and a non-Muslim. As a Malaysian, Chef Zie strives to cater equally to both Muslim and non- Muslim patrons. A convenient tag system is in place to indicate the ingredients in every pastry, ensuring transparency for patrons.

Butter Crumbs is not only renowned for its seasonal menu but also for its beautifully and meticulously crafted cakes. Collaborating closely with local growers, they bring seasonal delights like fig tarts, truffle cheesecake and Earl Grey orange tarts, alongside savoury sensations like their signature mushroom ragout and beef rendang pies.

Butter Crumbs is thrilled to unveil their Mother’s Day menu, lovingly handcrafted and featuring a selection of beautiful cakes and pastries. With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to show our mums some love.

2. Zonts Bakehouse


Zonts Bakehouse’s humble beginnings started in 2020 as an online-only bakery, operating out of a shared kitchen. Driven by the growing demands for Zonts’ innovative and ‘Instagrammable’ croissant creations, Zonts transitioned into a cosy café in Northbridge. Lionel Chong, the sole owner, made a bold decision to follow his passion for pastry, leaving behind his engineering career to focus on crafting delectable delights full time.

Lionel’s journey with croissants began after tasting some of the finest from Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne. Infusing traditional croissants with a modern twist, he incorporates seasonal flavours and festive inspirations. While not officially halal -certified, Lionel takes special care to cater to Perth’s Muslim communities by ensuring strict separation of halal and non-halal foods and avoiding the use of gelatine in his croissants. His Malaysian background – particularly his love for Malay cuisine – and his many Muslim friends have inspired him to create a welcoming space for everyone.

Drawing on engineering principles, Zonts’ croissants are crafted to precision, allowing foodies to appreciate the art of handmade pastries. The Ham and Cheese croissant caters to non-Muslims seeking a savoury delight, while the Pistachio Croissant Twice Baked has become a favourite among the Muslim and non-Muslim patrons, featuring pistachio frangipane filling and topping. A recent collaboration inspired Lionel to introduce the Cookie Croissant, a unique combination exclusive to Perth. Alongside the delectable croissants, Zonts Bakehouse strives to provide a range of flavoured beverages, with the current favourite being a delicious Pandan latte. Despite facing challenges, Zont’s progress has led to the opening of another location in South Perth.  

3. Donut Worry

Northbridge and East Victoria Park

Greek donuts (also known as Loukoumades) were the first donuts to be invented in the world. Donut Worry, specialising in bite sized Greek donuts, was established in 2020 in the heart of East Victoria Park and has now expanded to open its latest outlet in Northbridge. Operating from 1pm to 10pm, Donut Worry has become the hotspot for late-night indulgence for those with a sweet tooth. While not holding halal certification, their bite sized donuts are gelatine-free and made using single herd Guernsey milk and can be served traditional-style (with honey and walnuts) or with more contemporary toppings like Biscoff, Cookies and Cream and more.

For vegans craving for this delicacy, Donut Worry offers a dedicated vegan range. The café has polished and perfected their recipes, ensuring a crispy exterior and a soft, perfectly sweet interior. Coffee enthusiasts can savour Turkish coffee brewed traditionally over a Turkish sand machine, and for the non-coffee lovers, they offer a plethora of milkshakes to satisfy every palate.

4. Momo Dessert Café


Despite the name, Momo Dessert Café is far more than just a spot to get a sweet treat. Established in 2022, this halal certified café in Willetton offers Japanese inspired desserts and cuisine. Momo Dessert Café operates from Tuesday to Sunday, and is open 11.30am to 4pm and 5.30pm – 9pm on Tuesdays to Fridays, and  from 11.30pm to 9pm on weekends. While the food menu is concise, it is packed with unusual Japanese dishes, drawing on the Yoshoku style of Western-influenced Japanese cooking.

From sashimi to udon to rice dishes to Japanese style sandwiches (sando) along with desserts like Kakigori (shaved ice), honey toasts and Basque cheesecake, Momo Dessert Café stands out as the ultimate Japanese food haven. The unequivocal favourite amongst foodies is The Creamy Hotate (Scallops) Udon featuring creamy sauce with umami flavours along with a generous serve of giant perfectly seared scallops.

Responding to public demands, Momo Dessert Café have extended their hours to offer dinner services, featuring unique dishes such as menchi katsu (mince katsu), a hybrid between a juicy hamburger steak and a crunchy tonkatsu. And, as the saying goes, there is always room for dessert! The café’s loyalty program also offers a 10$ discount on the 11th visit. Momo Dessert Café is not only a café catering for the Muslim community but a honeypot attracting patrons seeking out for a Japanese inspired culinary experience.

5. Birue Café

West Perth and Booragoon

Located in both West Perth and Booragoon, Birue Café is known for not only its fusion food but also delicious drinks. Established in 2020 and recently certified halal in 2023, owner Dayah is a devout Muslim herself. Birue Café offers a Malaysian fusion dining experience, ranging from expertly brewed Toby’s Estate coffee to vibrant and flavourful smoothies and frappes. Patron’s dining in can also expect latte art, skilfully crafted by the talented baristas at hand.

The menu at Birue Café is brimming with options with standout dishes like perennial favourite, The Sarawak Laksa, making a special and limited appearance.Orignally from Sarawak, Malaysia, this dish exudes authenticity and creamy richness.  Another favourite amongst regulars of Birue Café is the pulled beef rendang on potato pave which is an absolute must-try.

6. The Honeycake


The Honeycake is not a café but an online cakery that serves halal honeycakes, and is definitely worth a mention on our list. Established in 2012 by Czech Republicans George Blazenec and Simona Kapoun, the Honeycakes are made from a generational recipe that was handed down, incorporating a modern twist to suit Australian taste buds. Crafted meticulously from scratch, every Honeycake is made with delicate and purposeful traditional techniques combined with natural ingredient like WA Southwest raw honey to create a unique rich flavour.

Over the years honing and perfecting their skill, George and Simona have decided to include brand-new flavours such as pandan-coconut, Honeymisu and cheesecake. Upon delivering this delectable treat to the majority, The Honeycake have crafted two Halal flavours (pandan-coconut and Cheesecake) that are completely liquor free.

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