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Perth has a vibrant and diverse music scene, known for its local talent, emerging artists, and thriving live music culture. The city offers a range of genres, including rock, indie, electronic, hip-hop, and folk. From intimate venues to larger concert halls, there are plenty of spaces where musicians can showcase their skills and connect with audiences.

Local music festivals play a significant role in shaping the music scene in Perth. Events like the West Coast Blues & Roots Festival, Falls Festival, and Perth International Jazz Festival bring in both international and local artists, attracting music enthusiasts from across the region.

Perth's music scene also benefits from its supportive community and various organizations dedicated to promoting local talent. Organizations like WAM (West Australian Music) provide resources, mentorship, and opportunities for musicians to grow their careers. Additionally, community radio stations like RTRFM and 6EBA showcase local artists and provide a platform for their music to be heard.

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