Venice's canals are so clear you can spot fish in them again

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2020
Charli Peasley

In a sea of bad news, it looks like there’s one thing we can be happy about this week. Venice's iconic canals that typically sport dark, murky waters have cleared up, giving light to the fish living below.

With virtually no tourists in Italy at the moment and the entire country on lockdown, the usually busy canals are a ghost town, which has allowed the dirt to settle and graced us with that crystal clear water. Locals are saying the water hasn’t been this clear in 60 years.

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Twitter has been exploding with images and videos of massive schools of fish and swans in the canals.

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This comes only months after Venice suffered from serious floods, followed by a period where the canals almost dried up.

In the coming weeks, we hope to see more silver linings like this in an otherwise gloomy time.

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