Destroy fat cells permanently?  Now I'd like to hear more about that!

Destroy fat cells permanently? Now I'd like to hear more about that!

Last Updated: 08 May 2017
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Want to get rid of stubborn areas of fat permanently without surgery or endless hours in the gym? I was skeptical but I decided to check it out and see if the claims stack up.

People the world over are, literally, getting bigger. Ironically, however, there has never been so much talk about, and options for, losing weight and getting into shape. Whether you are overweight and trying to shed excess kilos or wanting to tone up and perhaps move a bit of stubborn fat, there seems to be something or someone telling you how to do it best. There is so much out there - lotions, creams, wraps, scrubs, detox, colonic irrigation and, at the extreme end, surgery to literally suck out the fat - that it's hard to decide where to turn.

But what if you could destroy fat cells permanently with a non-invasive, no downtime treatment? I was certainly interested to hear about it and give it a go. Although I have never considered myself over weight, there are certainly stubborn pockets of fat I would like to remove. Pregnancies have meant that things aren't quite as firm as they used to be so I was keen to see if the treatment lived up to its claims. The treatment, SculpSure, is currently only being offered by a medical centre in Port Kennedy – quite a way from me – so I was hoping it would be worth the drive.

SculpSure, is the world's first hyperthermic laser treatment for non-invasive body contouring and fat reduction. Popular overseas, it is now available in WA and is garnering quite a bit of interest. Basically, hands free, non-suction device applicator system destroys sub cutaneous fat cells. Sounds pretty fancy and, to tell you the truth, it is. The machine is rather space age but, surprisingly, the whole experience was quite relaxing.

SculpSure claims to permanently destroy fact cells through laser lipolysis with up to 24% of fat cells destroyed after 1 treatment. There is no down time and you can resume normal activities immediately. I am, apparently, a good candidate - pretty fit and not overweight but with problem areas here and there.

There are minimal side effects with some people reporting slight tenderness and swelling. I was told that I would see a result from about the 6-week mark, with the final result seen by 12 weeks.

Whilst the actual treatment is about 25 minutes long, the whole consultation takes approximately an hour, beginning with the doctor, who walked me through what to expect. I particularly liked that the doctor was with me from beginning to end, chatting away and answering any questions I had. He was knowledgeable and engaging and in no way pushy. Very good. After the initial chat, the machine is hooked up with the applicators spaced around the mid section and 'love handles'. Whilst it is my understanding it will work on other areas such as thighs and arms, it is registered for use around the flanks and tummy areas.

When the machine is turned on, there is a heating sensation which comes and goes. You get to decide on the level and, if at any time, it becomes uncomfortable, it is turned down. The longer it goes, however, the more comfortable it becomes and it certainly isn't painful. – more of an unusual sensation. When it was over, I felt exactly the same as when I had come in. No pain, no discomfort and I went about my day as if nothing had happened. I experienced none of the possible side effects and pretty much forgot about it for a few weeks.

So, 8 weeks on, how have I found it? I am pleasantly surprised to say there is a change in my body. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my jeans were a little looser around the waist. I looked and felt leaner and my tummy was definitely flatter. I haven't been dieting or exercising more than usual. In fact, nothing else has changed. The doctor had told me that I would just start to feel like I had lost some weight and that is exactly what has happened.

The treatment isn't cheap (contact the clinic for accurate costs) but when you consider how much one can spend on weightloss techniques and even very expensive surgery, then perhaps a one off payment for this treatment could be something to consider. And yes, for me, it was definitely worth the drive!

SculpSure is available at Core Medical clinic, Port Kennedy -

For more information on SculpSure visit

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