Best halal butchers in Perth

Last Updated: 20 Jun 2024
Khadeeja Osmani

Halal meats are a staple in Muslim communities, adhering to specific halal rules that require animals to be completely bled out, removing impurities and making the meat cleaner and taste better. It’s just one of the reasons Halal meats are becoming increasingly popular, not just for their quality but also their ethical considerations.

The concept of Halalan Thayyiban is rooted in religious teachings and emphasises consuming what is lawful and good for the earth. It also tastes great and as a local Muslim and meat lover, it was with much pleasure I ventured out to research and uncover three of the best local halal butchers in Perth.

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Springs Meat

Bennet Springs

Located in the Springs Shopping Centre in Bennett Springs, Springs Meat is one of the most renowned halal butchers in Perth. Established in 2001, Springs Meat is a local community favourite and earned its halal certification from the WA Halal Authority in 2010.

The meat is sourced from reputable local abattoirs and suppliers like Amelia Park and Harvey Beef and premium cuts including their renowned Wagyu steaks from Tasmania. While fresh beef, lamb, goat and chicken are the main focus, frozen goods and ready-to-eat meals are also available online and in-store with operating hours from 8am to 6pm every day.

Clinton, one of the longest-serving butchers at Springs Meat, said two of their most popular cuts are the Wagyu Scotch Fillet and the Wagyu Porterhouse, boasting fat scores from 7 to 9. Clinton recommends simple seasonings like salt and pepper to highlight the quality of the meat, particularly when grilled on a barbeque and for a smokier flavour, using charcoal for added flavour.

Clinton also recommends the Osso Bucco, a cut from the shin, which is great in stews when the meat is cooked until it easily comes off from the bone. Also popular is Spring’s Biltong, a traditional South African dried meat, which is air dried and cured with ingredients like salt, pepper, coriander, and other spices. Clinton explains that biltong is similar to beef jerky but has a softer texture and more pronounced meat flavour than beef jerky, which originates from South American, where spices and flavours are more prominent.

Either way, these are people that love their meat and it’s well worth the visit and the conversation.

Med Halal & Honeywell Meats


Located in Mirrabooka Village, Med Halal & Honeywell Meats is a family-owned butcher established in 2008 by owners Mohd Saleem Shariff and his wife, Zubaidah Shariff. The couple pride themselves on providing high-quality halal meat for the local Muslim and wider community in Perth as well as local restaurants and cafes such as Birue café and Butter Crumbs as well as exporting interstate and to remote regions including Cocos and Christmas Islands.

Med Halal & Honeywell Meats offers a wide variety of meat including lamb, beef, camel, goat, and poultry such as chicken and duck. Their selection ranges from various fresh meat cuts to lunch meats like chorizo, bologna, and sausages, all certified by the WA Halal Authority and sourced from local suppliers such as Peter’s Poultry and Harvey Beef. Aside from meats, they also offer spices and frozen items, including samosas, pratas, and curry puffs sourced from local Muslim companies.

Local favourites include the lamb cutlets, Porter House and T-Bone steaks. Saleem recommends pan frying them over low heat with salt and pepper. Lamb cutlets are popular to for ethnic dishes like lamb biryani. For lesser-known cuts, Saleem recommends trying blade steak, a versatile cut perfect for dishes like rendang, dahl, and curry.

Camel and especially camel burgers are becoming increasingly popular across Australia as the meat it is both leaner and healthier than most other meats. Med Halal often sells two camels worth of meat in the same number of days. Keeping in mind the average weight of a camel is 300kg and just one leg weighs 70kg, that’s a lot of camel.  

Med Halal also sells camel milk at $15 per kilogram. Saleem says that camel milk is an original superfood and contains more nutrients than cows’ milk. The milk of a camel has an increased antimicrobial activity and an analogous fat composition similar to human milk. However, it contains no beta-lactoglobulin (β-lactoglobulin) that causes an allergy in infants and children. The dominant whey protein, β-lactoglobulin is mainly found in cow milk and is recognised as a milk allergen, making camel milk suitable for consumption for not only for infants and children but for those who are lactose intolerant.

Bentley Plaza Meats


Located in busy Bentley Plaza Shopping Centre, Bentley Plaza Meats is a family-owned halal butcher owned by Mahmoud A, who moved from Afghanistan to open the business in 2013. Mahmoud’s brother is also butcher and like his brother, over the following ten years has honed his skills to become one of Perth’s finest Halal butchers.

Popular cuts in Bentley Plaza Meats are scotch fillet, T-bone steak, lamb shoulder chop and lamb cutlets. All of their meats are certified by the WA Halal Authority and sourced from trusted local brands like Harvey Beef and V&V Walsh. They are also renowned for their willingness to cater to customers who crave unique cuts and sell organ meats like beef lung, chicken heart, liver, giblets, and skin.

With a lot of the red meats that they sell, Mahmoud recommends simple cooking methods such as grilling or pan-frying with just salt and pepper to highlight the quality of the meat.

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