Finishes & Fittings by Ausbrass

Finishes & Fittings by Ausbrass

Last Updated: 25 Aug 2014
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For business nameplates, intercom covers and letterboxes, the classic appeal and resilience of brass is unbeatable.

Ausbrass is an Australian-owned, Perth-based and operated family company that specialises in designing and manufacturing letterbox plates, entry statements, intercom cover plates, and building nameplates. The Ausbrass studio is centrally located in West Perth, from where it supplies local and interstate clients with customised brass products.

Its distinctive brass plate designs are high-quality fabricated products, which enhance the street appeal and complement the architectural characteristics of commercial, retail and discerning home designs. Individualised and artistic contemporary designs with handmade craftsmanship will make your business stand out from others, ensuring it is easier to find and recognise.

The superior quality of brass means that it ages gracefully with time. Stainless steel, iron and even aluminium will pit, rust, corrode and weather, due to water and salt exposure. Brass has exceptional long-lasting qualities like no other comparable product and, like the famous statues across Europe, will last forever.

Federation refits, intercom and camera stations, character-home fittings, new stylish designs, and architectural retro designs are all possible in brass.

The quality of brass is timeless, and its ability to withstand the ages makes it a smart investment for your home or business.


16 Florence Street, West Perth
Phone (08) 9227 5559
Mobile 0412 467 496

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