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Last Updated: 14 Sep 2015
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Artworks featured at Jahroc Galleries this spring.


The Moon Exposes All | POA
Mixed media on canvas

Artist | Astrid's vibrant, semi-abstract works exude her passion and love of painting. She has been exhibiting worldwide since 1985. Astrid holds a Masters of Arts from Charles Sturt University, and is a valued arts educator. Public collections of her work include Murdoch University WA, Ministry of Education WA, and Madang City Council PNG.

Artwork | The crescent moon rose and took her place in the sky. The landscape began to shimmer in her radiance. The moon's influence here is both spiritual and physical, and positively referenced through a glowing palette.


Building a Bridge to the Moon | POA
Mixed media on canvas, 150x100cm

Artist | Astrid Dahl sees romance and poetry in nature, and each painting is a poem that she writes with her brush. The landscape is a product of Dahl's invention, which draws together all the experiences, yet others are a collage of
many memories woven together. These form a shorthand poetry of joy, celebration, beauty, respect, and love of landscape.

Artwork | Building a Bridge to the Moon captures the deep spiritual nature of 'land', its memorialised seas and shifting tides. We see in Dahl's palette the many rich colours of the earth with myriad textures. The layers map the vast contextual layering of the earth, both ancient and historical.


Interstellar Tectonic | POA
Kiln-formed and slumped glass with enamels and glass frits, 58cm diameter

Artist | Since graduating from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2004, glass artist Margaret Heenan has concentrated on developing her practical skill in the process of kiln-formed glass at her studio in Perth, Western Australia.

Artwork | Interstellar Tectonic is a freely designed and painted platter illustrating an abstraction of the cosmos. It consists of four layers of Spectrum glass and includes the additional detail of frit (crushed) glass applied with wafers of pre-fused glass.


Colour My World | POA
Kiln-formed glass with glass frits, enamels and transparent glass-filled cut-out detail, 39.5cm diameter

Artist | Margaret Heenan works intuitively, painting high fire glass enamels directly on, under or between sheets of glass, often all three. Consequently, her presence becomes integral to the narrative of the work as she controls its translucency, colour and line. Her work is frequently fired four or five times in order to achieve the desired effect, inviting the viewer to take a look beyond the surface.

Artwork | The transparent glass windows can be interpreted at the viewer's discretion – from a standpoint of being in the outer world looking in, or the inner world looking out to the enormity of what lays beyond this world as we know it.


Eugenio's Room | POA
Oil on canvas

Artist | Lauren Wilhelm is an award-winning, mid-career artist who has had many successful solo shows around Australia, and has exhibited in Florence and New York. She studied at Curtin University and in Budapest, and finds inspiration in history, juxtaposing classical images and modern themes. She has recently moved to the Margaret River region, and paints in her new studio amongst the trees. "My work is an examination of the human condition as I see it," she says.

Artwork | Eugenio's Room evokes a stillness and sweet melancholia in Wilhelm's signature, meticulous style, inspired by Italian culture, lifestyle and history on a recent holiday. Whilst graceful and hauntingly beautiful, Eugenio poses timeless questions regarding the impermanence of our fascinations.

Suburban Intrigue Lauren Wilhelm December 26-January 17 Opening December 27, 6pm | Combining classically inspired imagery and everyday themes, Lauren Wilhelm's latest work explores the changeable nature between what is revered and what is disposable.


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