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Jahroc Galleries

Last Updated: 14 Dec 2015
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What's on at Jahroc Galleries this summer.

1 Lauren Wilhelm
In this Together | POA
Oil on canvas, 200x100cm

Artist | Lauren Wilhelm studied art in Perth and Budapest. She has had successful solo exhibitions in Australia, and won several prestigious awards.
Artwork | "I'm fascinated with everyday history – the lives that have gone before us and been forgotten. Juxtaposing classical images and modern themes, my paintings are my comment on transience. I reference the classical portrait with the often arrogant, invincible gaze of the wealthy landowner – and contrast the contemporary equivalent in the form of the modern-day land developer, and the fact that prestige, wealth or beauty are still no weapon against time. I'm also interested in the part animals play in human lives – the realities and mythologies. I want my canvases to ask questions, and the viewer to find joy in discovering unique and personal answers."

2 Sunday Afternoon | POA
Oil on canvas, 150x150cm

3 Protection | POA
Oil on canvas, 150x150cm

Lauren Wilhelm Suburban Intrigue
December 27-January 17

Combining classically inspired imagery and everyday themes, Lauren Wilhelm's latest work explores the changeable nature between what is revered and what is disposable.

4 Jo Broadhurst
FROM LEFT Ned goes to Rotto; Ned Gets a Guernsey;
Ned learns to Swim
Fired earthenware ceramic and cold glaze

Artist | Jo Broadhurst enjoys giving life to the 'ordinariness' of Australian cultural heritage, and exploring the psyche of what it is to be Australian.

Jo Broadhurst Ned's Day Out
January 23-February 15

"This exhibition will take this visual image and use it to represent what it is to
be Australian. In many ways, the ambivalent dichotomy of the relationship of many Australians to this cultural icon is symbolic of their ambivalence towards the Australian Dream – the quarter-acre block, drinking culture, chook on Sundays, football, the beach, surfing and so on. In the global age, this humble, middle-class ideal might seem dinky, even backwards, when contrasted against the glamour and seduction of contemporary pop culture. However, I feel that this way of living is something to be celebrated, along with the sense of community and positive national identity that it promotes. This series, which places the iconic armour of Ned into these simultaneously everyday yet ideal situations, is just that kind of celebration."

5 Andrew Tischler
Twin Falls – King George Falls – Kimberley Region Western Australia | $44,500
Oil on Belgian linen, 200x122cm

Artist | Andrew Tischler is an Australian artist who paints realism landscape paintings, portraits and wildlife. He immerses himself in nature and travel, with a mission to paint the landscapes of the world and to celebrate the creatures and people who inhabit them.
Artwork | Twin Falls celebrates the sublime beauty of the natural Kimberley waterfall landscape. Employing cleverly mastered realism techniques Tischler's dramatic sense of light, movement and texture in its depiction leave the viewer in awe.

6 Portrait of Allan Griffiths | $8500
Oil on Belgian linen, 51x61cm

7 Kimberley Dawn – El Questro Station | $15,500 Oil on Belgian linen, 91x76cm


JAHROC GALLERIES exhibit a diverse collection of contemporary Australian
art, jewellery, sculpture, art glass and fine wood, and is home to award-winning
fine furniture designer/makers JAHROC FURNITURE. The crossing of genres is showcased in Jahroc's expansive galleries, allowing the viewer to visualise how pieces could look in their own home.

83 Bussell Highway, Margaret River
(08) 9758 7200, www.jahroc.com.au

Larry Mitchell, Shaun Atkinson, David Bromley, Janine Daddo, Bec Juniper,
Leigh Hewson-Bower, Lauren Wilhelm, Astrid Dahl, Margaret Heenan, Bruce Earles plus a stable of over 60 well-known Australian artists.

Lauren Wilhelm – Suburban Intrigue December 27-January 17
Jo Broadhurst – Ned's Day Out January 23-February 15


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