Kitchen products by a2f australia

Kitchen products by a2f australia

Last Updated: 09 Jun 2014
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Discover the Italian-made tapware that is not only appealing, but also conscious of the environment and good for your health.

Architects Katherine Ashe and Marco Vittino, of award-winning, Perth-based practice vittinoAshe, discovered a2f artisan tapware while working in Italy.

Searching for faucets for their own home, they were attracted to this particular tapware's minimalist and elegant design. They then learned the stainless steel, lead-free tapware does not leak nickel, ensuring a non-toxic drinking water supply.

The water it provides is close to perfect drinking water, with non-toxic and hypoallergenic qualities achieved through using the best technology.

After conducting intense research, Katherine and Marco found the Italian-made a2f (Advanced Alloy Faucets) to be industry-leading in terms of environmental and health benefits, along with the highest-quality design.

Most WaterMark-certified tapware on the Australian market (and globally) is not manufactured from stainless steel. Instead, brass and chromium plating is used, leading to the possibility of heavy metals, such as lead and nickel, leaching into drinking water.

a2f Australia launched its kitchen range (eight mixer types with 15 models) in 2013, and will soon introduce the bathroom range (taps, mixers and showers) to their collection. All taps have WaterMark certification and WELS water ratings, so you can be sure they are mindful of the environment while also filling your pots quickly.

Prices range from $1200 to $2500. For more information, visit a2f Australia.


a2f Australia
219 Bulwer Street, Perth
Phone (08) 9328 9449

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