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Last Updated: 19 Oct 2015
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Forging relationships with clients enables the award-winning team at eScape Landscape Architecture to deliver the very best results.

Locally-owned landscape design and construction company eScape Landscape Architecture provides high-quality sustainable outdoor solutions reflective of their clients' vision.

Managing director and landscape architect Nic Crowe and his experienced team take great pride in all their work, from the initial consultation and design development, to 3D modelling, council approval, construction and completion.

As recipients of numerous industry awards, the talented team is dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that not only protect, but also enhance the natural environment.

In addition, eScape Landscape Architecture can also custom-build quality landscape furniture pieces for their designs, including integrated seating, day beds, eskys, aluminium and steel planters, gates and infill panels, pool-blanket boxes, and screens.


This spectacular garden is a credit to eScape's innovative design and eye for detail.

From the honed concrete driveway, to feature screens, contemporary landscaping and poolside decking, eScape's team took care of the entire garden project from start to finish.

The brief from the owners was for an inviting outdoor area with a pool that was family-friendly, to cater for their young grandchildren.

From the beginning of the project to the end, the clients felt at ease knowing Nic Crowe and his team could carry out the job to the highest standards.

Planting was to be low maintenance, as requested by the client to suit their busy lifestyle, and was a combination of low water-usage varieties and artificial turf.

In the front garden, bamboo and low informal hedges took centre stage, while softening the facade.

At the rear, privacy screening in a recycled faux wood material was employed along the back fence, along with feature lighting, custom aluminium fabricated items, and steel planters to create depth on the existing boundary footings.

A stunning below-ground concrete pool is bordered by the same porcelain tile varieties seen in the home's interior by Webb & Brown Neaves.

In an internal courtyard, green foliage, black cobbles, gravel and standstone quarry cut rock surround the base of a ginkgo tree, which provides an outlook from the kitchen, and as you walk upstairs to the second storey. The intention was to create a modern, Japanese inspired courtyard that would provide visual connection between the home and landscape.


Nestled within a heritage-listed area, this federation-style home was in need of an upgrade. To ensure the landscape design paid homage to the home's classic appeal, the hard- and softscapes were to be elegant yet understated. Traditional to semi-formal planting is featured at the front of the home, which gradually shifts to a more contemporary design in the rear.

The existing driveway was removed, and replaced with exposed aggregate with feature red-brick inserts, to tie in with the character of
the house.

In the alfresco zones, Bluestone paving, pebbles, deciduous trees, and border hedges were chosen for visual contrast.

When presented with the result, the clients were thrilled the talented team at eScape Landscape Architecture had created an inspiring new space that fulfilled their budget and needs.


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