Lighting by Mialuce

Last Updated: 06 Jan 2016
Localista Team

Whether bringing aesthetic beauty or strategic functionality to a space, lighting plays a vital role, adding depth and dimension, light and shade, safety and confidence.

Mialuce was established to specialise in lighting for creative and lifestyle applications.

Like its sister company, Mondoluce, Mialuce shares a vision to provide quality, reliability and value through products and services. Its staff are passionate about making light work in a project, and understand the significant role lighting plays in our built environment, from aesthetic, creative, innovative, sustainable and functional perspectives. They strive to nurture long-standing professional working relationships with architects, builders, designers and homeowners, and in the process to be the best and most respected lighting provider. Product and technical support commences at the initial concept and design stage, and continues right through to commissioning, installation and troubleshooting. The seamless transition of service provision throughout the various stages of Mialuce's supply process is a key feature of the business.


10 Weir Road, Malaga
Phone (08) 9321 0101


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