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Last Updated: 08 Nov 2016
Nicole Schreck

Manu Feildel's favourite meals are often the ones he enjoys at home with family and friends. Now, he is sharing the recipes he cooks up at home with partner Clarissa in her new book, More Please!

Manu Feildel is one busy man. He is co-host of popular TV program My Kitchen Rules, has hosted two series of My France With Manu, and is currently filming a travel food show, Around the World with Manu. Despite all this, his favourite moments and meals are spent at home, surrounded by family and friends.

When he is cooking at home with his partner Clarissa, they are constantly drawing upon their cultural roots, which include French, Chinese, Malay and Sri Lankan. They continue to put their own spin on food favourites from Spain, Italy and the Middle East.

The result of all this creation and experimentation is More Please!, his new collection of delicious recipes that ticks all the boxes: quick, easy and enticing for either the whole family or as many special-occasion dishes to impress a crowd.

Manu's flair and flamboyance shines through his recipes and in the superb presentaton and photography. I'm a huge fan of imagery in cookbooks as i like to have something to aspire to! I need to know what it SHOULD look like, at least.

Whislt it may seem unusual to place so many different types of cusines side by side, Manu says that he just wanted to share how his family cooks and eats. One night it's French and the next may well be Malay or Thai or Italian. It all works and recipes sit happily side by side. If only all international relations could be this seemless. Best of all, these recipes look great but are designed to be whipped up pretty easily. Not many of us have the time or the inclination to fuss for too long each night. So, if you like a bit of this and bit of that - sweet and savoury, spicy and fragrant or classic French dish with a tantalising sauce, this could well be your next favourite cook boom.

Manu grew up in his father's restaurant before a stint of performing with the circus. He then took an apprenticeship as a chef, studied in London, and moved to Sydney to take the position as head chef of Bilson's. He opened and ran his own restaurants, before closing them to focus on his busy TV career.

Manu invites you into his wonderful world of food, sharing his favourite recipes and letting you in on his life and family in a beautiful, intimate way.

More Please! is available now through stores, or you can order it online here:

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