Outdoor Products by North Shore Pools

Outdoor Products by North Shore Pools

Last Updated: 07 Jan 2016
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By designing and constructing your pool, North Shore Pools can create an attractive year-round focal point for your backyard.

A statement pool can make all the difference to a suburban backyard, but choosing one that best suits both your home and the site can be tricky. For this reason, it makes sense to hire somebody in the know.

North Shore Pools owner Rob Hood has been building pools since 1975. The company, based in Trigg, is family-owned and has won more than 50 international, national and state awards for its pools, spas and renovations.

Rob works closely with his sons, who are also highly qualified in the design, construction and renovation of low- maintenance concrete pools and spas that will suit almost any location or situation.

Having built pools since the 1970s, Rob has an excellent understanding of what is required to bring older pools up to a modern standard.

He and his sons are on-site throughout the entire process, so you are guaranteed a quality finish and a personalised service.

In addition, only a limited number of pools are undertaken each year, in order to maintain the utmost level of control and quality.

The team's integrity and punctuality have given it an enviable reputation as one of Perth's leading professional pool builders.

In fact, North Shore Pools frequently works in conjunction with many of Perth's leading builders, architects and landscape designers.


North Shore Pools
38 Mettam Street, Trigg
Phone (08) 9448 3318
Email rob@northshorepools.net.au
Web www.northshorepools.net.au

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