Paving & Decking by Midland Brick

Paving & Decking by Midland Brick

Last Updated: 19 Oct 2015
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Well-planned paving impacts on both the look and the value of your home.

When Western Australians think of where to go for outdoor paving, Midland Brick is often the first company that springs to mind.

Perhaps this is due to its internationally acclaimed reputation as a leading provider of high-quality bricks and pavers, or for the fact it has helped Western Australians build their dream homes for almost 70 years. Whatever the reason may be, Midland Brick's extensive product range makes it a go-to destination.
Over the years, the company has supplied bricks and pavers to tens of thousands of homes, hospitals, schools, offices and city landmarks. In fact it's probable that most of us have grown up with Midland Bricks all around us, at home, at work and at school.

Today they make more bricks than any other WA manufacturer and since 1946, enough to go to the moon and back three times.

Midland Brick also recycles bricks, so far enough to build more than 1100 new homes, which is equivalent to a small suburb. Today the company boasts the first online brick store, where customers can purchase bricks and pavers online 24/7, and an app that allows customers to calculate the amount of product they will
need for any given project.

For more information, visit the friendly and knowledgable staff at one of Midland
Brick's six well-appointed display centres, including its brand-new product showroom at Home Base, Subiaco.


Midland Brick
102 Great Northern Highway, Middle Swan
Phone 13 15 40

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