Q&A with Kirsty Fitzpatrick

Q&A with Kirsty Fitzpatrick

Last Updated: 17 Dec 2014
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Cold-pressed juices... They’re on the tip of everyone’s lips – and at the top of everyone’s Instagram feeds – but are they really that much better than your run-of-the-mill OJ?

Q&A with Kirsty Fitzpatrick, CEO of Nestle & Crush Cold Pressed

Cold-pressed juices... They're on the tip of everyone's lips – and at the top of everyone's Instagram feeds – but are they really that much better than your run-of-the-mill OJ? After chatting to Kirsty Fitzpatrick, CEO of Fremantle's Nestle & Crush Cold Pressed, we can tell you that's a resounding "yes!". Now excuse us while we go procure some and then take a sneaky selfie with them.

So tell us… what's the deal with cold-pressed juice?
OK, so it's the process that sets out to create the closest thing to raw fruit and vegetables, but in a concentrated liquid form – enabling your body to ingest a nutritional vitamin, mineral and enzyme boost that wouldn't be possible with raw fruit and veg alone. This is achieved by using immense hydraulics pressured to essentially press everything from the pulped ingredients, leaving behind dry nutritionally-lacking pulp and creating vibrant and vivid juice. There is a real artisanal quality to cold-pressed juice, too. In our case, each ingredient is individually juiced and then the flavours are lovingly mixed by hand. Then there's the taste… often you will hear the words "it tastes alive!" – that's a cold-pressed mission accomplished!

What are your favourite juices for the summer months?
I'm never bored of a green juice, and in the warmer months I like to reach for the lighter Asian greens such as bok choy for their lightness and subtlety, not to mention the infusion of betacarotene, folate and vitamins A, C and K. I also love strawberries and will be adding my strawberry juice to our unsweetened almond milk and colloidal silver. And speak to me about pineapples! My go-to pineapple combo on a sun-filled spring afternoon is sweet, salty and spicy – pineapple, with half a jalapeño, kale, spinach, parsley and celery, topped with a pinch of Himalayan salt.

How do you like to drink your Almond Mylk?
Nothing beats Deep Bliss – almond milk with raw cacao, himalayan salt, vanilla and dates – straight after a really hard workout, with some natural protein powder thrown in if it's been a hard lifting session. I really do love a warmed almond milk, and at night I turn to the Ayurvedic benefits of Golden Milk – turmeric, raw honey and cardamom. It is calming, with incredible anti-inflammatory properties, and it just helps me find that pre-sleep zone!

Can people use your juices to cleanse?
Absolutely. We call our cleanses 'juice feasts'. Each customer has a different personal story, so we like to work with them and their juicing history. But essentially we offer the Main Squeeze – a rainbow-coloured juice feast – and the Maxi Crush – a more intense green-based cleanse.

Anyone with an Instagram account can testify the world has a bit of a juice obsession right now. Why do you think that is?
Haha, they do make for amazing photo shoots and I am guilty of taking more than my fair share of shots! It's the constant awe of the vivid colours. I truly believe that the cold-pressed juicing wave is powered by education, experience and undeniable benefit. Fads come and go but we adopt changes when we can see and feel the personal benefit.
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