Roxanne Newberry first solo exhibition 'RISING!' at Artitja Fine Art Gallery

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2022
Nelly Mher

Partnering with the Martumili art centre to present RISING! Roxanne Newberry is South Fremantle based, Artitja Fine Art Gallery. Their first exhibition for the year will open on Saturday 12th of March, at 330 South Terrace, South Fremantle. It'll continue until April 3rd, open from Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm.

“Having worked with the Martumili Artists for some years now, we immediately accepted the offer of holding Roxanne’s first solo exhibition” says gallery director Anna Kanaris. “Roxanne’s work is high energy with explosive colour and texture”.

Painting her Father’s country, the aerial landscapes show where the water runs out of the ground into a big dam. Surrounded by greenery and many trees, this pinpoints the place of her Dad’s birth, Circus Waters. The country is called Yirriya, and it is her home.

Roxanne Newberry was born in Warakurna but lives in the east Pilbara community of Punmu, 1310km northeast of Perth in the Rudall River National Park. One of the most remote communities in Australia, however it's made a name for itself with the internationally acclaimed artists who paint through the Martumili art centre based in Newman, WA.

Although relatively new to painting, Roxanne comes from an artistic background. Her mother, Jorna Newberry and uncle, Tommy Watson, are both prominent figures in the Western Desert art world. The two are known for their technical skill and contemporary design in representing their ancestral country through their unique form of mark making.

Due to the ongoing COVID situation, Roxanne’s planned trip to attend her opening has been cancelled, however the exhibition will run throughout March in all its glory.

Twenty of Roxanne’s paintings will be on display, most of them painted during December and January, over the summer break.

You can find more information here.

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