Learn about the wonders of weather during the school holidays at Scitech

Learn about the wonders of weather during the school holidays at Scitech

Last Updated: 23 Mar 2021
Cate Tweedie

Get the kids learning about science and the weather at Scitech's special collection of new shows and live interactive experiences over the April school holidays.

With all the makings of a fun, family day out, Scitech's Rain, Hail or Shine holiday series runs from April 2 - 18, and is packed with scientific stories of storms, wind and fire. You can even book your tickets online now, so you can plan ahead and keep the kids engaged and inspired with a host of exciting and educational activities.

The Perfect Firestorm

You can’t start a fire without a spark! Discover which other variables you need for the perfect firestorm and explore how the weather can affect the way fire behaves. How does a fire build? Why do some fires get out of control? Filled with practical demonstrations, The Perfect Firestorm is a safe and exciting way to explore how the weather influences bushfire season, and how we can all observe changes in the sky and landscape to better understand fire danger. 

One Fine Day

Get up close with Gumby the gumtree, Gotcha the goanna and their friends in this brand new interactive puppet show as they teach everyone about the sun, cloudy days and the sweet smell of rain. This show is designed to build an understanding of how changes in the weather can affect our everyday life as well as the survival of other living things. 

A Little Space

Blast off into space and explore some of the wonders of our solar system at this special early childhood Planetarium show, designed for children aged under four years. In this 10-minute voyage, visit new worlds, navigate safely through asteroids, and even say hello to the Voyager spacecraft. This brand-new show has been created specifically for toddlers and is suitable for all ages.

Habitat Earth

Explore the complex networks of life on Earth in the Planetarium, from the microscopic exchange of nutrients to the global migration of whales. Discover how different species on Earth take part in complex relationships and learn about humanity’s place in the global ecosystem.

Banksia Woodlands

Enter the immersive Banksia woodlands and experience live interaction with local flora and fauna as the six Noongar seasons unfold before you across the unique WA landscape. This display is part of the Earth Matters exhibition, which aims to educate kids on climate change and why it all matters.

Discoverland at Scitech


Made up of five zones - Curiosity, Construction, Home, Mighty and Water - Discoverland is designed to teach kids aged 0-6 the basics and get them interested in science. You can expect a bubble machine, building blocks and race boats to get your little ones excited about learning!

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Kaartadjin Koorliny

This breathtaking gallery houses a stunning visual spectacle, with multi-sensory exhibits that reveal the mysteries of sound and colour. The exhibition features musical lighting that responds your movements, the chance to create your own stop motion mini-film, and much more. ‘Kaartadjin Koorliny’ is a phrase from the Noongar language, meaning ‘learning is always moving.’

Valid for the entire day, your ticket includes access to all exhibitions and shows across the museum. Entry is free for Scitech members (just reserve a spot here) and kids under 4, and tickets are $12 for kids between 3-17 and $19 for adults. In terms of getting there, Scitech is adjacent to City West train station, or $5 all-day parking is available at the City West car park next door.

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