The 5 Must-See Films at the 2023 Spanish Film Festival

The 5 Must-See Films at the 2023 Spanish Film Festival

Last Updated: 18 May 2023
Abigail Macleod

Palace Cinemas is proud to present the 2023 Spanish Film Festival, coming to Perth this June 15! Here's the 5 films you won't want to miss, picked by Palace Cinemas CEO Benjamin Zeccola. Presenting over 30 films from Spain and Latin America, the programme celebrates the best new Spanish and Latino cinema including a spotlight on Argentina as well as female filmmakers.

Two Many Chefs

Set in the world of high cuisine in Bilbao, Two Many Chefs is a delicious Spanish hit comedy starring Karra Elejalde (While at War SPA21, also in The Three Wise Men vs Santa) and Enric Auquer (Eye for an Eye).

Prison 77

A five-time Goya Award-winner and Spanish box office hit,Prison 77 is an intense thriller from acclaimed director Alberto Rodríguez (Marshland SPA15) starring Javier Gutiérrez (Champions SPA19, The Daughter SPA22) and Miguel Herrán (Money HeistElite).

Four's a Crowd

Directed and co-written by Álex de la Iglesia (Perfect Strangers) Four’s a Crowd is a wild romantic comedy and Spanish box office hit. A comedy of frustration, with acidic dialogue and eclectic characters, you don’t want to miss this wayward tale of romance on the road that takes a dark turn.


For centuries, many men and women have left everything to dedicate their lives to contemplation in Spain. Directed by Santos Blanco and written by Javier Lorenzo, the fascinating documentary Free is a journey into their lives and inner thoughts.

A Singular Crime

A gripping thriller based on true events and the bestselling novel by Reynaldo Sietecase, A Singular Crime features an exceptional cast headed by Nicolás Francella (High Seas), Matías Mayer, Malena Sánchez (Super Crazy SPA19) and Darío Grandinetti (Rojo, SPA19, Wild Tales, Hierro).

See the full line-up, some amazing special screenings, and ticketing information here.

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