Tips, trends and a sleeping butterfly variety for serial indoor plant killers

Last Updated: 18 Sep 2020
Grace Flynn

Whether you’re a proud garden guru or a self-confessed serial plant killer, we can all appreciate the beauty and oxygen the indoor plant trend has contributed to our homes, offices and local cafes. As our love of indoor plants shows no sign of slowing, we spoke to some of Perth’s local indoor plant stylists about the latest trends, popular varieties and tips on how to keep those green babies alive. Afterall, shopping for the pots and plants is the easy part!

Images provided by Hass & Co Botanics 

The ‘Oxalis triangularis’

Also known as the ‘purple shamrock’, the Oxalis triangularis is a deep purple houseplant that is perfect for the cooler winter months. With stunning, butterfly-like triangular foliage that opens and closes in response to light, co-owner of Hass & Co Botanics in Leederville, Casey O'Callaghan says that this plant is not easy to get your hands on.

“Due to such enormous demand for this plant variety, we have been giving our customers several days advance notice of when a small batch will be available - our last two batches sold out in under 60 seconds online and we had a queue of people waiting at the door to get their hands on this rare beauty in-store.”

Small batch handmade Ceramic Pieces

Casey O’Callaghan says that she and her partner Cal have been big fans of artisan wares like hand-painted planters from the get-go. However, over the past few months she says they have seen a real surge in demand for small batch, handmade and hand painted wares, particularly anything Australian made.

One such brand offering cute and funky handmade pieces is Jones and Co. From animal-shaped planters to brightly coloured hanging pots, the handmade ceramic pot trend makes for a great pop up of colour in smaller spaces like the office. You can check out their Instagram page here.

Image provided by Green Assembly

Rubber Trees as Statement Plants

Katie Stephenson, owner of plant delivery service, Green Assembly, says living room spaces are a great place for large statement plants, like the Ficus Elastica Burgundy, a strikingly shiny plant that can grow considerably in height over a few years should you increase its pot size. If you’re looking to make a statement, Katie also recommends the Fishtail Palm or the ever-popular Bird of Paradise.

“If you don't necessarily need as much height, then a Monstera Deliciosa (fruit salad plant) is always my go-to or a big Philodendron like the Rojo Congo,” she says.

Inject some Greenery into your Bathroom

If you’ve already filled up every corner of your living room and office space, why not introduce some foliage into the bathroom too? Although not every indoor plant can tolerate the very tropical-like conditions of the bathroom, there are a few that will be more than happy in there with sufficient natural light.

“Plants like ferns, Monstera adansonii (Swiss cheese plant), any Calathea and any Alocasia all love the extra moisture and warmth of a bathroom,” Katie says.

Put the watering can down!

Owner of LNJ Garden in Mount Hawthorn and qualified horticulturalist, Liz Joseph, says that one word of advice she gives to beginner indoor plant owners is simply, “leave them alone”. With the majority of indoor plants not requiring much water at all, Liz recommends going easy on the watering, as well as the fertiliser, and starting off with some super low maintenance plants like the ZZ plant, also known as the Zanzibar Gem, or the Devil’s Ivy.

To read up on more plants that are perfect for beginners, see here.

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