Tours in the Kimberley

Tours in the Kimberley

Last Updated: 14 Sep 2018
Tian Sisak

See another side of ‘ancient’ in the Kimberley and experience magnificent wilderness through the eyes of the indigenous Miriuwung people.

See another side of ‘ancient’ in the Kimberley and experience magnificent wilderness through the eyes of the indigenous Miriuwung people.

Kununrra Tours

Kununurra sits at the heart of the pristine and rugged wilderness that is the North East Kimberley. An aerial tour with locally owned and operated Kingfisher Tours is one of the best ways to explore this magnificent landscape.

They have a wide range of finely crafted tours designed to showcase the very best of the spectacular landscape, history, cultural heritage, and contemporary enterprise of the region.

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Kimberley 4x4 Tours

These tours are a small, independent and local tour business, located in Kununurra in the East Kimberley of Western Australia.

Kimberley 4x4 Tours was established to cater for those with a sense of adventure and will provide unique experiences not found on larger group tours.

Adventure four-wheel driving, incredible campsites, cultural experiences and amazing fishing are their forte. Whether it be a single day trip or a five day Cultural Tour, you will be immersed in your surroundings.

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Astro Tours

Have you ever looked up into the glorious night skies and wondered what it is all about? Astro Tours takes advantage of some of the best skies on the planet to run a two hour astronomy experience from April to December in Broome.

Big telescopes, lasers and a healthy dose of fun to help round out an educational and entertaining evening.

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Kimberley Air Tours

Offer spectacular air tours by seaplane and fixed wing aircraft to the many iconic destinations in the Kimberley, such as the World Heritage Listed Bungle Bungle Range, magnificent Lake Argyle, the iconic Mitchell Falls, the Kimberley Coast and the famous Horizontal Waterfalls.

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Kimberley Dreamtime Adventure Tours

Offer tailored trips for small groups and individuals wanting to learn more about aboriginal culture and stay on country in a rugged outdoor setting. Accompanied by Indigenous, local guides, tours include extended camel treks, visit billabongs and creeks for swimming and fishing. You can learn about bush tucker and traditional medicine, local flora and fauna, climb to rock art and ancient living sites and learn about the Aboriginal customs and laws still in use today.

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Image credits: Kimberley, Astrology Tour, Dreamtime Tour - Australia's North West Facebook, Pentecoast Crossing - Ewen Bell


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