Tura's residency program supports young musicians at Fitzroy Crossing

Tura's residency program supports young musicians at Fitzroy Crossing

Last Updated: 29 Aug 2019
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The Fitzroy Valley New Music Project is part of Tura's Regional Residency program. Based in Fitzroy Crossing in Western Kimberley, it is facilitated by internationally renowned music educator, composer and performer Gillian Howell.

The Fitzroy Valley New Music Project supports locally-led performance initiatives from intimate arts experiences to those involving larger cross-generational groups. The project’s aim is to support local organisations already energising Fitzroy Crossing’s young people and families to initiate and nurture new arts-based projects.

With a background working with young people living in conflict zones such as East Timor and Sri Lanka, Gillian’s strength lies in taking people of all skill levels on an extraordinary journey. Her aim is to encourage a profound sense of connection and social inclusion through the musical process. 

The residencies have worked towards building collaborative relationships and developing music projects through the exchange of ideas. Participants have been learning to explore music-making together, writing and performing their own compositions to produce original works for presentation and distribution.

The Fitzroy Valley New Music Project is supported by Healthway promoting the Act Belong Commit message, the Ian Potter Foundation and the Rowley Foundation.

Tura thanks their local partners including:

Fitzroy Valley District High School Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency Mara Wora Wora Aboriginal Corporation Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Cultural Centre Nindilingarri Cultural Health Service

Events by Tura New Music

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