We found Perth's best fish n chips in Subiaco

We found Perth's best fish n chips in Subiaco

Last Updated: 24 Aug 2023
David Hogan

I love fish & chips but too often the fish is thin, tasteless and generally disappointing. So, when I tasted the thick, juicy pieces of Spanish Mackerel and Goldband Snapper at Subi Fish n Chips, I chatted to owners Dan and Ourdia about what they were doing that was so different.

It turns out, not surprisingly, it’s all about the fish. A lot of fish & chip shops serve Hake, caught in nets, prepared, frozen and imported from overseas fisheries, such as Vietnam. The waters are often polluted and fisheries unsustainable.

Dan and Ourdia buy all their fish from a local supplier, a Greek family-owned business that run their own boats and supply whole fish twice weekly. The fish are chilled, prepared and served within two to three days of being caught.

Dan says the flesh is as clean as the pristine West Australian waters from where they are caught. The fish are line-caught, rather than by net or cage, which is the most sustainable method and ensures the fish are unstressed. Dan says some of the cage-caught fish are trapped for several days and you can tell when a fish is stressed by the way it curls on the grill and of course the taste.

The standard serve is thick, juicy fillets of white Spanish Mackerel, but for the ultimate fish experience, order the extra juicy Goldband (or King) Snapper. Whiting and Bronze Whaler are also on the menu along with the standard range of side dishes, snack and extras.

Dan says he’s not in to make a lot of money but just wants to serve excellent fish and enjoy a decent lifestyle. A big fan of the ocean, Dan often gets down to the beach early for a morning surf before setting up for the day. Happy days!

Subi Fish n Chips is open Tuesday to Sunday, 5pm to 8pm and only do takeaway. You can order online but their preference is that you come down and order in person. The wait is typically about 10 minutes and it means you get your fish straight off the grill. The servings are generous - we often buy the family meal for four and incredibly, struggle to eat all the fish.

Check out the menu at https://subifishnchips.com.au/

Phone: (08) 9388 3672

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