Things to do in Gilgai

Gilgai, a small village located 10km south of Inverell on the Thunderbolts Way in New South Wales, offers a range of attractions and activities for travelers. The area is known for its rural style living and is surrounded by bushland, providing opportunities to observe local wildlife. Moffat Falls is an excellent spot for trout fishing and guided catch. Kings Plains National Park, located 48 km from Inverell, offers a beautiful natural setting for hiking and exploring the outdoors.

For visitors interested in local craftsmanship, the New England Woodturning & Sculptures workshop on Ponds Road provides woodworking demonstrations and features the Yangoora Gallery of handcrafted timber giftware, woodturning supplies, didgeridoos, and an impressive sculpture garden. In addition, the Inverell Airport, located on the outskirts of Gilgai, offers scenic joy flights across the region, providing a unique way to experience the area's natural beauty.

With its blend of natural and cultural attractions, Gilgai provides a charming destination for travelers seeking a mix of outdoor and artisanal experiences.