Larapinta guide

Larapinta, located in the Northern Territory, offers a range of attractions and activities for travelers. One of the key highlights is the Larapinta Trail, a 231km path that follows the rocky spine of the West MacDonnell Ranges from Alice Springs Telegraph Station to Mount Sonder. The trail encompasses some of the region's key attractions, including Simpsons Gap and the permanent waterholes at Ellery Creek Big Hole, Ormiston Gorge, and Glen Helen. The trail is renowned for its ancient rock formations and diverse flora, making it a top choice for hikers looking to immerse themselves in the area's natural beauty.

Ormiston Gorge is another must-visit attraction, famous for its spectacular geology and refreshing waterhole. This site showcases the unique and stunning landscape of the MacDonnell Ranges, offering visitors a chance to experience the region's natural wonders up close.

In addition to hiking, visitors to Larapinta can engage in a variety of outdoor activities, including camping under the stars along the Larapinta Trail. The region's unique and unforgettable travel experience is further enhanced by the opportunity to explore the area's breathtaking landscapes and immerse oneself in its natural beauty.