Tennent guide

Tennant Creek, located in the Australian Capital Territory, offers a variety of attractions and activities for travelers. One of the must-visit places is the Parliament House, an iconic symbol of Australian democracy. The Questacon - National Science and Technology Centre is a fascinating destination for science enthusiasts. Nature lovers can enjoy the serene beauty of Lake Burley Griffin, while those interested in history and culture can explore the Australian War Memorial. Visitors can also explore the stone buildings of the Tennant Creek Telegraph Station, which offers insights into the area's telegraph communications and pastoral history.

Tennant Creek is rich in Aboriginal culture, with opportunities to learn about the ancient heritage of the area. The Nyinkka Nyunyu Art & Culture Centre is an award-winning Aboriginal attraction that showcases the stories and art of the local Aboriginal people. Outdoor activities such as exploring the trails around Davenport Range National Park in a 4WD or experiencing the region's rich mining heritage at sites like The Battery Hill Mining Centre offer a touch of adventure.

Whether it's delving into the region's rich history, immersing in Aboriginal culture, or enjoying the natural beauty, there is something for everyone in this unique Australian destination.