5 minutes with Rory Lowe

5 minutes with Rory Lowe

Last Updated: 07 Dec 2015
Localista Team

We chat to the dreadlocked 23-year-old who “fell into” the comedy world but is already making his mark on the on the local scene.

How did you get into comedy?

It just kind of developed! I didn't one day wake up and think, "I want to be a comedian," I just fell into it, and I really enjoy it. I first performed in high school for a talent show and I just took the piss out of people, and it went well. My first real show was Fringe World in 2013, called I've Got Problems. It sold out, so I was hell stoked about that, and did it again last year, and this year, and in Adelaide as well.

What was it like performing at Fringe?

It was awesome! Everyone there was so keen to come down to Fringe. I did a show at The Flying Scotsman and I did about three shows at Mojos. I had Koi Child open for me, and I also opened for them for the launch of their single, Black Panda.

You've also teamed up with Tame Impala. How did that happen?

I used to have a bit about great white sharks and why we should kill them. It was a sarcastic type of thing about them being racist and how there's no great black sharks left. Cam Avery from Tame Impala is a shark conservationist, and he heard my bit, so I met them at Laneway first and we got chatting. Then they saw me do a gig at Mojo's and asked if I wanted to open for them at Big Day Out, which was sick – definitely a highlight of my career. I also met Snoop Dogg!

What's next on the horizon for you?

Perth Fringe and Adelaide Fringe, which will go off! I'm also running a web series so hopefully that will be out in the next couple of months.

Fringe World, Jan 22-Feb 21

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