7 Golden Rules to Dining Out with Kids

7 Golden Rules to Dining Out with Kids

Last Updated: 04 Mar 2015
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Caprice Burrows, Perth Kidz blogger and mother of four, shares some hard-earned tips to dining out with the littlies.

1. Go early

Go right on opening when there are fewer people, so food comes quicker and kids aren't tired.

2. Look at the menu before going

Have a look at the menu online so you can order as soon as you're seated.

3. Don't go when the kids are tired

This one's pretty self-explanatory!

4. Choose the right establishment

Many venues now have children's play areas so kids don't need to stay at the table waiting for the food to arrive.

5. Teach good table manners from a young age

If they can't throw food or run around the table at home, don't let them elsewhere.

6. Make dining out special

Sure, we'd love the kids to order the stir-fried vegetables instead of the nuggets and chips, but just let them choose what they want and you can go back to veggies at home the next night.

7. Pack pencils, paper or tablet

We'd all love our little ones to sit nicely at the table and have a conversation with you, but for kids, a 10-minute wait feels like an hour. Bring out the pencils and colouring-in books, or your smartphone or tablet, and you can keep them entertained until the food arrives.

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