Barking Gecko Theatre presents a new adaptation of Shaun Tan's Cicada

Barking Gecko Theatre presents a new adaptation of Shaun Tan's Cicada

Last Updated: 14 Jan 2022
Nelly Mher

Western Australia’s own Barking Gecko Theatre, a nationally significant company that creates theatre for children and their families, presents Cicada, a play inspired by the award-winning picture book from Shaun Tan.

Barking Gecko

The play will run from Jul 9 – 16 at Studio Underground. Audiences can expect a small story of epic preportions that follows the tale of a dutiful cicada who works away in a grey office year after year. Overlooked and unappreciated by his co-workers, Cicada weaves a dream of escape, keeping his secrets hidden until the day something truly extraordinary begins to happen…

Barking Gecko has a global reputation for crafting exquisite theatre of ambition, sophistication, and scale. The stories told on stage fuse big ideas and questions with timeless, imaginative worlds. The artists speak to children in the here and now – to their inner lives and experience of growing up in a complex world.

Barking Gecko’s new adaptation brings master storyteller Shaun Tan’s much-loved Cicada to life on the stage with exquisite puppetry and visual storytelling by some of WA’s leading theatre-makers. Cicada is an enchanting tale of the difference, resilience, and light we all have inside ourselves that the whole family will be sure to love.

Cicada is suitable for ages 7+. Tickets can be purchased here.

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