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Last Updated: 19 Aug 2015
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We chat with ex-Commonwealth Games pole-vaulter Amanda Bisk about staying motivated, her guilty – yet healthy – indulgence, and how to tackle those epic backbends.

We at Perth Guide love Amanda Bisk. Not only did the Perth local grace our cover this edition, but she's an ex-Commonwealth Games pole-vaulter whose Instagram feed gives us (and the rest of her 390,000 followers) daily fitness inspiration.

1. What are five fail-proof ways you stay motivated to workout in spring?
Find your WHY. Why do you want to get fit, exercise, be more active? Is it to achieve a certain goal (like running 10km)? Is it to be healthier? Maybe you want to set a good example for your kids. Once you have your why, write it down, and hang it where you will see it every day – like on the bathroom mirror. It will be there to inspire you, even when you are feeling a little less motivated.

Break it down. It's all about positive steps forward each day. Instead of totally focusing on where you want to be in three months, or only thinking about the big end goal you want to achieve, simplify things. What can you do in the next few hours? What decision can you make right now that will guide you in the right direction?

Have a plan! Once you know the little things you would like to do, grab a diary and schedule in all the workouts/you time/good meals you want to incorporate during the week – especially your exercise. Seeing it on paper makes everything clear; it shows you that you can fit it in your day. Once it's written down, you've made a promise to commit to yourself and your goals.

Be accountable. Only you can determine if you are going to take charge, stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals. Know that it's ok to make a mistake, have a bad day, or just take a few steps back sometimes... just don't stay stuck in bad habits. You can decide to take a positive step forward at any time and turn it around. You need to take charge and don't look back!

Find little things that can help you along the way. Like finding an inspirational quote to live by for the week, identifying the places you go wrong and figuring out how you will tackle them if they come up, or getting other people around you involved in your journey. Organise workouts with friends, talk to your family, friends or partner about how you're going, and ask for help anytime you need it. A supportive, encouraging and involved network of people around you can only lift you higher.

2. Your back bends are incredible! Can anyone learn to do them?
Anyone can learn to backbend, it just takes patience. Obviously work on
flexibility, controlling your body and building strength. And get LOTS of practice!
If you are consistent with your practice, just a little bit every day, you will see
the progress... just don't give up! Sometimes it might take weeks of feeling
like you're in the same place, and then – BAM – one day
it happens!

3. Where's your favourite place in Perth for a healthy meal?
I love May Street Larder. The Cocowhip breakfast bowl is so good. It's like a healthy ice-cream treat, for breakfast.

Amanda has recently released her first fitness guide, Fresh Body, Fit Mind – a 12-week bodyweight training program comprising 80 unique workouts designed to get you summer-body ready.

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