Cycling for beginners

Cycling for beginners

Last Updated: 21 Sep 2018
Tatum Stafford

From Perth's pristine coastal tracks to the cityscape around the picturesque Swan River, there is no better time or place to start your biking adventure.

From Perth's pristine coastal tracks to the cityscape around the picturesque Swan River, there is no better time or place to start your biking adventure. 

If a little hesitant to get started, there are plenty of organisations offering cycling lessons across the city - no matter what age you are! These lessons for both adults and kids teach valuable skills of traffic awareness, road safety and improve your confidence to hit the Perth trails.

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Benefits of cycling

Riding a bike can have many health benefits. It can greatly improve quality of life, manage weight, reduce the risk of chronic illness, increase fitness, improve sleep and help develop motor skills. Cycling also has many environmental benefits as an alternative means of transport to driving, and can also economically enhance participants as a cheap way to get around.

Learning how to cycle

Learning how to ride a bike is a rite of passage, and the city of Perth contains some great locations that will help new riders learn whilst having fun along the way.

It is important, before you start riding, that you make sure your bike has been properly maintained - check your chains and tyres before setting off. The bike must also be the correct size for you, and be deemed 'roadworthy'. An adequate roadworthy test involves checking the brakes, ensuring the bike is visible (especially at night), checking the bike's bell and ensuring its frame is sturdy.

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Where to start cycling

There are a range of rides for people of all abilities across Perth. For beginners, a casual ride around the river is a pretty great place to start - and is available at the South Perth foreshore. Hillier rides in areas such as Kings Park and on Rottnest Island are great for those wanting more of a challenge, and trails across the Swan Valley, Perth Hills and Margaret River regions should be on every new-rider's bucket list for their stunning scenery alone.

Whilst learning (particularly on footpaths), remember that pedestrians have right of way at all times. If a pedestrian is approaching, you should slow down to allow them right of way, ring your bell to let them know you are there, and pass with care, giving them plenty of space.

Cycling for kids

Cycling is a great way to encourage kids to head outdoors, be active and engage with their local community. Riding to school is a great way for kids to socialise with their peers whilst starting the day with some moderate exercise. Designated bike paths and school zones ensure road safety is a priority across the state - so parents can be assured that riding to school in Perth is safer than ever.

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