Discover WAAPA’s final music events of the year

Discover WAAPA’s final music events of the year

Last Updated: 11 Oct 2023
Grace O'Meehan

From an orchestral battle, to anime inspired music, opera and symphonic wind, there is a WAAPA music event for everyone. Discover these upcoming musical events happening before the end of the year.

Warana Prize and Short Ride in a Fast Machine

Richard Gill Auditorium, Oct 12

WAAPA’s leading classical soloists join the WAAPA Symphony Orchestra to battle it out in the final of the prestigious 2023 Warana Concerto Competition. Ace conductor Jessica Gethin also directs John Adams’ electrifying Short Ride in a Fast Machine, twinned with Katy Abbott’s brilliant Fast Ride in a Suave Machine. WAAPA’s student performers are mentored by expert musicians from Perth Symphony Orchestra, in this outstanding side-by-side performance.


Richard Gill Auditorium, Oct 13

Composition and Music Technology students, under the direction of acclaimed composer Kevin Penkin, present a tribute to the music of Animé, with original music influenced by animated series and films. Since the days of Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy), Japan has been producing Animé featuring distinctive and compelling sound design and music. Composers such as Joe Hisaishi (Princess Mononoke), Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop) and Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) have had massive world-wide success on the screen and beyond. Their music draws from an incredibly wide range of music genres including electro, popular, cool jazz, impressionism and traditional music.

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Opera, Operetta and Music Theatre Delights

Government House, Oct 14

A glamorous evening of beautiful arias, ensembles and choruses from the traditions of opera and the treasures of Viennese opulence, through to the golden age of music theatre. WAAPA’s wonderful classical singers are joined by charismatic maestro Mark Coughlan on the ivories.

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Richard Gill Auditorium, Oct 26

Dust off the plastic fangs and hone your pumpkin carving knife – Spooktacular! is on again! The Symphonic Wind Ensemble is joined by the incredible Matt Styles for Cathy Likhuta’s alto saxophone concerto Let The Darkness Out. Alongside this mammoth work, SWE will trick-and-treat your ears to a bagful of delights including Silvestre Revueltas’ epic chant for the killing of a snake, Sensemaya. And there are prizes for the best costumes!

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