Flooring by Lifewood

Flooring by Lifewood

Last Updated: 29 Oct 2014
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Lifewood brings to Perth the world’s best timber flooring, using local hardwoods to achieve a lifetime of consistent beauty and performance in any home.

With more than nine years of experience in bamboo flooring, Lifewood's founding family decided to move into timber, providing WA residents with a flooring solution that is both stable and sustainable.

For more than four years, Lifewood has made a science of hand-crafting the highest-grade timber floorboards, for the sole purpose of delighting the most discerning of homeowners.

This year, Lifewood won the coveted ATFA Showroom of the Year for its customer-friendly, warm, homely ambience, prompting the company to opt for a similar showroom design in its second premises in Myaree.

Owning its own mill in Donnybrook, the team at Lifewood is able to control the quality, timing and end product of its clients' selected flooring.

The company has full control of production and installation, and knows exactly what is being installed in its customers' homes. It does not use contractors, rather professional and skilled tradesmen staffed by the business, and can supply and install all the best in Australian timbers while offering other professional services - such as colour staining - that will suit the customer's home decor.

Lifewood is, in essence, a three-layered floorboard made of premium-grade Australian timber that's produced in a wider and longer form.

Thanks to cross-engineering of the product, the core and bottom layers hide the less attractive parts of the wood, leaving the best-looking timber for the top. The design produces a solution for timber that, if produced as a solid board, is usually unsuitable for premium-grade flooring. This minimises waste, meaning that not only does Lifewood create a floorboard that is guaranteed to stay premium for a lifetime, it also uses Australian timbers more responsibly and sustainably.


Osborne Park Showroom, 18 Hector Street, Osborne Park
Myaree Showroom, 99 Norma Road, Myaree
Phone (08) 9244 8885
Email info@lifewoodfloors.com.au
Web www.lifewoodfloors.com.au

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