Geoffrey Robertson QC- It's No Longer Hypothetical

Last Updated: 29 Jun 2022
Abigail Macleod

On August 27, Geoffrey Robertson QC performs on stage in Perth. This is a show not to be missed and a chance to see one of the world’s great minds challenge Australian thinking and explain what is happening in and to the world.

An extraordinary barrister and champion for human rights, Robertson is one of the most important voices in international law and humanitarianism with a career that includes mentoring the likes of Amal Clooney and representing Salman Rushdie and Julian Assange.

Courtesy of 9News

Robertson career of fierce independence, courage and furthering of human rights culminates in this provocative, insightful, and witty live performance and exploration of myriad issues impacting the world today, from drug cartels and restoring democracy to fighting for the lives of death row inmates, Australian and global politics and how fake news is distorting democracy. Robertson touches on his most famous cases, the royal family and his call for Australian constitutional regeneration, what is happening to Julian Assange, how to stop the rich from inheriting the world and the thinking behind ‘Bad People – and How to Be Rid of Them.’. And of course, his crusade to restore cultural property from museums around the world to the people from whom it was stolen.

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