Have your burger and eat it too at these healthy burger joints in Perth

Last Updated: 24 Aug 2023
Emily Graham

There is no meal as classic or as diverse as the humble burger, but sometimes a greasy triple cheeseburger just isn’t what our bodies want. Sink your teeth into these rustic burger options at these healthy burger joints in Perth.

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Jus Burgers

Jus Burgers has been going strong for over a decade and it’s easy to see why: they serve up fresh, healthy burgers that taste as good as their less healthy counterparts. They are well-known for opting for rustic, charred Turkish buns rather than the sugary brioche style and have kept with this style since opening back in 2008, rather than chopping and changing to follow short-lived burger trends.

As they are small and family-owned, they are in the business of supporting local and show this by using only local suppliers for their meat, vegetables and other produce. In a win-win, this means they can always get their produce fresh, rather than having to ship over frozen produce if they were a franchise.

Jus Burgers is locations in Leederville and is open for dine-in and pick-up or delivery via their app (available on the App Store or Google Play) or website.

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Health Freak Café

This café is one that has certainly earned its title. Each burger has a carefully calculated list of the macros and calories contained, so you aren’t left guessing what you’re eating. The burgers at Health Freak Café are perfect for even the strictest of diets, with patrons able to switch the traditional brioche bun for a healthy keto bun to minimise carb intake. Take it step further with their Sweet Potato Beef Burger, which replaces the bun with tasty oven-baked slabs of sweet potato instead. If you prefer to avoid foods with animal products, try out their Plant Based Burger, with their flavour-packed soy protein patty served with your choice of vegan or dairy-free cheese.

With burgers from as little as 492 calories, Health Freak Café is one of the most healthy burger joints in Perth. Health Freak Cafés are located across Perth, with stores in Applecross, Cockburn, Joondalup, Kings Park, Scarborough, and as far south as Busselton. Find your closest store here.

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‘Pear’fect Pantry

One for our vegetarian and vegan friends, ‘Pear’fect Pantry is a cute little café offering mainly meat-free alternatives to fast-food chain burgers. Notable mentions include their Vegan Big Mac and Vegan Quarter Pounder (both less greasy, veggie-filled answers to McDonald’s) and their Vegan Buffalo Chicken Burger.

Tucked away off the street in Wembley, the café offers breakfast burgers (like their Vegan Sausage and Egg Muffin), a hefty burger selection for lunch and even hosts a weekly ‘burger night’ every Thursday, offering up a full-length burger menu.

‘Pear’fect Pantry is located at 49 Herdsman Pde, Wembley In The Moondyne Gardens. Find them hidden away behind the Laundromat.

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Flipside Burgers

Since 2006, this Perth institution has been hand-crafting fabulous burgers topped with the freshest local ingredients, such as lettuce from their own gardens in-store, 100% prime WA beef and free-range WA chicken. If meat is not your thing, don’t worry! The vegetarian burgers feature delicious plant-based options including a chickpea and sweet potato patty or grilled mushroom base.

With options to customise your burger to vegan diets, Flipside have you covered. Simply remove the cheese and mayo/aioli, and Flipside will replace it with nutritious avocado for no extra cost. Gluten-free options are also available with gluten-free buns ready to go. Plus, if trying to reduce your calorie intake, they offer mini burgers for all the flavour but half the fat.

You can find Flipside stores in North Fremantle and Wembley, serving up better-for-you burgers from noon until 9.00pm.


This Perth burger joint is handing over the chef’s hat with a fully kitted-out box of burger ingredients for you to create your favourites at home. You will receive your protein prepped and ready to cook, alongside fresh salad ingredients and Greenhorns potato-flour buns.

Greenhorns grinds their meat in-house, ensuring that only the finest and freshest beef is put into their juicy patties. If you’re looking to cut the carbs, transform one of their many fantastic burgers into a ‘burger bowl’ by skipping the bun! Vegetarians are also covered with their Moroccan-style Falafel Fez burger, made with spiced chickpea patty, fresh salad and herb mayo. Of course, no burger joint would be complete without our favourite sides, and Greenhorns has plenty on offer, from classic shoestring fries to healthy sweet potato to a refreshing garden salad.

Greenhorns is located in Raine Square LG Level, 300 Murray St, Perth and is open for dine-in or take away.

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