Last Updated: 03 Dec 2015
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Innerspace is a family-owned Perth business that has been operating for more than 30 years.

Innerspace managing director Jon Miles.

As industry leaders in the commercial sector, we are regularly in touch with designers and architects, and constantly travel across Australia and the world to keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

Over time, we noticed that the lines between commercial and domestic trends were increasingly blurring, so we endeavoured to source premium brands that would be considered typically residential, but also offer greater scope to our commercial and hospitality clients.

This led to us meeting and discovering amazing designers and their products that were not available in WA. We knew that the design-savvy people of Perth were being short-changed, and had even heard stories of people weekending in Sydney and Melbourne to source the kind of high-end design that was unavailable in Perth.

As devotees of all things beautiful, we fell in love with the products we were seeing, and wanted to give them a home in Perth. Creating our new showroom and sourcing its beautiful furniture has been a labour of love for managing director Jon Miles and the team. We are so thrilled to be able to showcase such iconic brands as Flexform, Thonet, Tolix, Missana, Bend Goods and Kristalia, names that are synonymous with the very best in quality and design. It is satisfying to see the vision become a reality, and to have created the ultimate designer shopping destination in Perth.


Flexform is born out of a decades-long family tradition, operating in a small town in the north of Italy renowned for its high-quality furniture production. The Flexform furniture brand has been instantly recognisable for almost half a century, and has given rise to an extensive range of products that have taken their place in the history of Italian design.

There is a fertile relationship between production and design in the brand that has stimulated creative interaction with successive generations of the best Italian designers. One designer, however, stands above all for his importance to the brand – Antonio Citterio, who has been coordinating the entire Flexform collection for forty years. He is the man who has given soul to the product, his lucid, inventive style responsible for much of Flexform's recent history, Flexform is an integration of craftsmanship and tradition, with modern design and technology combining to form a balanced sense of timeless elegance. Attention to detail, innovative technique, and unique expertise are what make Flexform one of the most respected furniture producers in the world today.


Spanish furniture company Missana is passionate about the world of upholstery. Based for over 20 years in Valencia, Missana has created furniture collections that express its design vision combined with traditional hand-made techniques.
Missana's collections are the result of a harmonious union between craftsmanship and attention to detail, its classic techniques now being reinvented and applied to stunning contemporary designs.

With special attention to ensuring enduring quality and using materials of the highest standards, Missana presents unique furniture made to last. The Simone Sofa from The Novelties Collection is designed in collaboration with the young designers from Sputnik Studio, and has a uniquely feminine feel and form.

Bentwood chair

The classic bentwood chair is a timeless designer favourite. In production since the 1850s, the simple bentwood stands as the shining example of what can be achieved through design. Its form both expresses and symbolises the manufacturing process that lays behind it. Technically simple, it is the embodiment of the principles of mass production: inexpensive to manufacture, transportable in large quantities, strong and durable. The extensive range offers something for everybody and includes the classic bentwood armchair No 14, commonly known as the 'cafe chair' and widely used by the French Modernist architect Le Corbusier during the mid 1920s. The Thonet range includes stools, wall hooks and coat stands, along with dining tables and chairs.

Bend Goods

Bend Goods is a Los Angeles-based design and manufacturing company. It designs functional products for the home and public spaces, producing furniture, lighting and other goods, with a commitment to being innovative and playful.
Founded in 2010 by Gaurav Nanda, a sculptor and designer from Michigan,
Bend is based on Nanda's passion for making functional yet sculptural objects.
The quality of the products is in the details: the inviting shapes, the sparks of colour, the ease of assembly and the packaging. Each element embodies Bend's drive for making iconic and sustainable products. Bend is committed to considering issues of environmental impact and responsible manufacturing processes. Its products are made from iron, an inexhaustible and highly
recyclable resource, and its packaging has been designed so it is easy to ship, thereby minimising its carbon footprint.

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